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Georgetown Vacuum Forming                                    GTNVF.COM    


Vacuum Forming Machine

Maximum mold size: 48 X 72

Multi heat zones, automatic mode of operation

Cooling fans -  reduces cycle time

150 gallon vacuum storage tank or we can connect to a 3 continuous vacuum pump for those hard to pull parts.






CNC Router

Maximum Part size: 52 X 101 X 7

Speed up to 600 inches per inches

Vacuum hold down on perforated table



We  also fabricate assemblies, just provide us with your drawings or we can work together to create drawings  per your requirements.

Besides vacuum forming and routering we can drill,  machine, bend, glue, and paint plastic.

We work with clear, black, white, and colored plastics, and thin as .030  to thick as .375.

We work with different types of material: ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, polystyrene,  and more.





Interesting Facts

  • On the internet there is a lot of self help or "do your own vacuum forming".  All our machines are large and require three phase power.
  • We have up to a 10hp vacuum pump with a 3" hose to pull vacuumed formed parts.
  • Our heaters in the oven pull over 200 Amps. A home oven only pulls 40 amps, this is like having more than five working together.