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Press Releases

  1. Closure
    Holidays - Summer - 2012
    none at this time
  2. Closure
    Holidays - Winter - 2012
    We will be closed from December 21 thru January 4.           Happy holidays!
  3. New vacuum former
    Kevin has been building a 4' X 5' high speed vacumm former. He has been working on it for the last two years as time permits. The machine is 90% conplete and hope to have it making parts by March 2012
  • Our new high speed vacuum former will require more than 200amps.
  • The new Vacuum former has a greater flexability in mold sizes. The machine is infinately adjustable from a small mold such as a 6" X 6" to the machine maximum sixe of 48" X 60" .