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Information Links

  • www.StreamLineAustin.com

    StreamLine is a general machine shop with lathes, mills and CNC equipment.  They make our molds, perform second operations on vacuumed formed parts such as slots, large circles, and drill hole patterns.  They also build  jigs and fixtures for our use in production.


  • ThePitchingTunnel.com

    This is one of our customer parts. 
    Check out their web site for what it does.

Interesting Facts

  • For plastic that is used outside such as a mower cover.  We can provide a plastic with a special UV additive.
  • Instead of painting your plastic, try ordering the exact color you want.
  • Most plastic purchased at distributers are manufactured thinner than actual stated thickness.
    For example a .125" thick sheet will only measure .105". 
    This is why we order our plastic from the manufacturer.