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Meet Us

Georgetown Vacuum Forming  combined experience is over 35 years experience in vacuum forming.  Bob Newberg will be glad to talk to you about your project and how Georgetown Vacuum Forming can assist you into plastic fabricated parts.  Kevin Black handles the manufacturing.  This includes programming the CNC router, making molds and trim fixtures. 

We both look forward talking with you.



Bob Newberg
VP Sales/Marketing     

Kevin Black
VP Manufacturing




Interesting Facts

  • Bob has been known to run two vacuum forming machines at the same time.
  • The time in trim one large vacuumed formed part by hand was 37 minutes, moving the same part to the CNC router the machine time was 12 minutes.  A sustainable savings to our customer
  • Our CNC router weight is over 15,000 pounds.
  • Plastic absorbs moister and has to be dried prior to vacuum forming.