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Our Vacuum forming machine has capabilities of a small mold such as 12 X 12 to a maximum mold size of 48 X 72.  With a maximum draw or height of 24.  Molds are made from wood for lower production quantities.  Aluminum and fiberglass molds are produced for higher  volume parts.   When we pair our CNC router, having a 4 X 8 table size and an 8 position tool changer, we are able to produce matched sets of tooling and trim fixtures that add an unmatched quality in the vacuum forming business. 


Our CNC router allows us to take your 3D solid model and produce a mold precisely to your requirements.  Having a router dedicated to the support of the vacuum forming machines allows us to router vacuumed formed parts faster and to a greater precision than doing the routering by hand.  Adding features such as holes, and slots is not a problem with the 8 position tool changer located on the router.

 Georgetown Vacuum Forming has made parts for airplanes,  consoles for mini vans, fireplace parts, egg incubators, enclosures for medical equipment, sports equipment, animal feeders,  we have parts being used in restaurants, and displays in museums to name a few applications were our vacuumed formed parts are utilized.

We have had customers that we have made only one part, to customers we made thousands of parts.  Your project is not too small or too large for us.  So please email or fax us your drawings for a quote. 

Thank you for looking at our site, we hope you have learned a little more about vacuum forming.



Size and Speed:

  • Vacuum forming table size up to 48" X 72" X 20" draw.
  • CNC Router table size of 48" X 96" X 10" and speeds up to 300 inches per minute.

Vacuumed formed housing for a drop down LED TV for a mini van. Material black ABS plastic - haircell

 Dinosaur foot vacuumed formed from an poly casting taken from a creek bottom.  Material gray PVC smooth