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Georgetown Vacuum Forming is a contract manufacturer of vacuum formed parts.  We are located in central Texas, in a suburb of Austin.  We can manufacturer your molds and trim fixtures or you can provide your own molds and tooling.  Georgetown Vacuum Forming provides a complete service from mold design, making the mold, vacuum forming parts, and trimming on our CNC router or by hand.  While visiting our web site we hope you learn what vacuum forming is and how it can be applied to your business.  Vacuum forming can be a good option and less costly over injection molding and blow molding.  Visit our picture page for a sample of parts and molds that have been made.  Also look for the Videos of our vacuum forming and CNC router making parts.   We look forward to work with you.


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The black part is an injected molded part.  The mold had been damaged and was unusable.  The part was going obsolete some time in the near future and was not cost effective to repair the mold.

We made a wood mold and made a finale production run at a significant saving over repairing the original injection mold.